When we feel overwhelmed – how do we help our kids?

There are many obvious signs that things are not normal at the moment for kids to pick up on, and they’re the same things that are stressing us out: working from home, home-schooling, returning to school, potential work and health worries. Whether our kids are verbalising worries about Covid-19 or not, they are most certainly […]

Special time- The key to minimising the impact of these uncertain times

We are living in a new time – one that we will one day look back on as history but right now is our lived reality. Today I want you to consider how some intentional, one-to-one playtime with your little one might help them feel more settled as we navigate these unchartered waters.  Due to […]

So what does telehealth look like?

Telehealth is very similar to face-to-face therapy in many ways. Participants get to hear each other and notice any voice changes, see each other’s body language and – most importantly – feel that they are being listened to and understood. However, telehealth can feel different as people are not in the same physical space. It […]

“Make your own cup of tea!” – How to survive those early days

This might sound rude. Ungrateful, even nasty. But if you have a newborn, this will change EVERYTHING. Next time you have visitors, don’t make them a cup of tea. Don’t bake them a cake, don’t even put on your “fancy” stretch pants. When friends and family knock on the door, it’s time to put your […]

3 signs it’s time to talk to a psychologist (and why that’s a good thing)

Ever felt like your problems aren’t “serious enough” to talk to someone about? That maybe you’re just being silly? That it’ll pass, and you should just be strong and get through it? Life with a new baby is tough. If you’ve toyed with the idea of reaching out for help, here’s 3 signs it’s time to […]